With October 13th being Lenny’s Birthday, here is a special message from Kitty Bruce:

“What better birthday present could he have than his archives being unveiled at Brandeis University October 27th and 28th…. I am working on growing the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation to continue our life saving mission of providing educational tools and scholarship support to those in need of treatment who otherwise would not have the funds or insurance to do so.”

The Lenny Bruce Memorial foundation provides scholarships and support with educational tools, skills and ongoing encouragement designed to fulfill a path of recovery and sobriety for men and women who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse issues.


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Lenny’s famous monologue “Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight?”

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The daughters of the Godfathers of Comedy (Kitty Bruce, Kelly Carlin, and Rain Pryor) joined by documentary filmmaker Nico Perrino after being interviewed for his new film.

“The Meaning of Obscenity” – Live Performance, 1964

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